Terralift Aeration

Restoring Septic System Efficiency

Terralift Aeration

The Terralift aeration process uses a narrow probe to penetrate the soil around your septic field, trenches or seepage bed. Once in the ground, the Terralift probe sends a blast of compressed air into the soil creating new cracks and fissures for liquids to pass through. The soil is fractured outward and upward towards the surface. The Terralift’s blast of compressed air disturbs the oily black coating (biomat) off the soil surrounding the gravel. Once the soil fracturing is complete, your system is guaranteed to operate efficiently once again.

The Terralift aeration procedure is also effective in restoring fields that are failing due to a select fill issue. The Terralift septic field restoration procedure is extremely successful when done properly by an experienced environmental contractor. It is essential that the on-site wastewater system is thoroughly inspected so that any malfunctions can be addressed and corrected. Statewide Environmental Services LLC performs the Terralift procedure in three steps.

Photo of a Terralift machine on front lawn of a home; the Terralift aeration process is one of the procedures used in septic field restoration
Photo of holding tank truck used to pump septic tank as step 1 in the Terra;fit aeration process

Step 1 — Pumping the Tank

Your holding tank must be pumped. If your field is extremely saturated and water is running back into your tank, it must be pumped until the water flow ceases. A camera locator is entered into the inlet and outlet piping to visually inspect and accurately locate the pipes. If applicable, your distribution box is located, uncovered, and inspected. The camera locator is then placed inside all laterals for visual inspection and accurate location.

Locating laterals and marking the field prevents the Terralift probe from coming into contact with the laterals or being inserted outside of your absorption field.

Photo of low-pressure hydro jetting equipment used to clear the clogs in a residential septic system.

Step 2 — Hydro Jetting the Lines

All accessible lines and laterals are low-pressure hydro-jetted to remove any clogs or debris sitting inside them. Use of a low-pressure jetting system is essential. The low-pressure system avoids damage to the fragile laterals and maintains the integrity of the fill material located underneath and around the perforated pipe.

Any waste product or biomat material that is evacuated from your septic lines during the hydro-jetting procedure will be pumped back into your septic holding tank. This is done to avoid the waste from reentering your septic field.

Photo of technician marking the drainage field prior to inserting Terralift probes for field aeration

Step 3 — Fracturing the Soil

The Terralift’s probe is inserted into various locations at varying depths to fracture the soil with controlled bursts of compressed air. Aeration locations are site specific.

Soil fracturing addresses the two major deficiencies that occur in the drainage fields: biomat and compact fill. The machine breaks up the black, tar-like substance, commonly referred to as “biomat.” It is also used when the select fill has failed and compacted, forming a barrier through which water cannot penetrate. EcoHancer is then introduced to promote rapid growth of naturally- occurring bacteria.


“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again. You made building our home a wonderful experience. You were patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and your quality of work exceptional. We would recommend you to all our friends and family because our experience was that good.”

Biff Lane and Laura Country-Lane

“You have gone well beyond my expectations for dependable, knowledgeable, and friendly
Gary H. Kirkland

“Our engineer told us we needed a new septic system. Boy did you guys prove him wrong. You got our septic system working the same day. I still can’t believe it. I can’t thank you enough. There was no way we could afford to put in a new system. Terralift – it works. Thank you, thank you, thank you”
Janet Wiley

“…was responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. And, best of all, they delivered
Robert Krim

Manager, Carriage Hill Apartments

Photo of drainage field marked prior to Terralift aeration process.
Photo of video camera used for septic system inspections

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