Oil Tank Removals

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Removing An Oil Tank

An existing underground oil tank can can cause environmental issues on your property. Contamination can escape from cracks and holes developed over time from rust and structural failures. If the oil tank has not already started leaking, it’s only a matter of time before it will. Homeowners are responsible for all costs incurred due to their leaking oil tank. It is imperative to properly abandon or remove an underground oil tank. Old and improperly abandoned tanks can form leaks and contribute to expensive, environmentally hazardous situations.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC: We help our clients achieve peace of mind with regards to their oil tank removals. 


Photo of an unearthed underground fuel storage tank (UST) in preparation for removal by Statewide Environmental Services LLC.
Photo of an old underground oil tank being removed by Statewide Environmental Services.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC

We help our clients achieve peace of mind with regard to their oil tanks. Our clients value our knowledgeable staff and the services we perform. Our clients recommend us because of that knowledge and also because of our respect for them and their homes. Contact Statewide Environmental Services LLC to discuss your oil tank situation today.

Oil Tank Removals

Photo of an underground oil tank with a white pipe protruding from top being prepared for removal by Statewide Environmental Services.
Photo of old, rusty oil tank lying on blue tarp to protect the lawn; Statewide Environmental Services takes precautions to preserve property while performing oil tank removal services.

Total Oil Tank Removals by Statewide Environmental Services LLC

  • To properly remove an underground storage tank, a building permit must first be procured.
  • A utility markout is also needed.
  • The area is excavated.
  • The tank is inerted and cut.
  • All fluids and sludge are removed from the exposed oil tank.
  • Statewide Environmental Services LLC uses only licensed and bonded oil haulers for waste removal.
  • The tank interior is cleaned and hand wiped.
  • Statewide Environmental Services LLC technicians remove the oil tank from the ground, and also remove the feed, vent and fill pipes.
  • The oil tank is inspected for structural failures or holes. The soil in the tank grave is visually inspected for signs of discharge.
  • After the local building inspector and/or fire code official has inspected the oil tank and tank grave, the oil tank is removed to a licensed recycling facility.
  • The oil tank grave is filled with clean dirt from the excavation and other supplied inert material. The tank grave is filled to grade.
  • Statewide Environmental Services LLC issues a Certificate of Removal upon completion.

For your oil tank removal needs, call the experts at Statewide Environmental Services LLC.

Photo of orange aboveground oil tank (AST) prior to removal by Statewide Environmental Services.

Above Ground Oil Tank Removals

Above ground oil tank removals are done in the same manner as underground tanks, without the excavation aspect of the project. Statewide Environmental Services LLC issues a Certificate of Removal upon completion. Above ground oil tanks are generally easier and less expensive to remove than underground tanks. If you are replacing or removing an old tank, contact Statewide Environmental Services LLC.

“When it comes to underground oil tanks, it’s not a matter of IF they will leak – it’s a matter of WHEN.”

Tank Insurance

Do not be misled by fuel oil companies offering underground oil tank insurance. These supposed insurance policies are generally oil tank service plans. These alleged insurance policies have a high deductible and usually require you to use their limited staff of overpriced contractors. They may also require you to have one of their adjusters on site at a cost of several hundred dollars. Some of these policies also require you to stay with their company as a fuel oil supplier for 12 months or more after your oil tank removal. We strongly urge you to research any of these oil tank policies. Contact the alleged tank insurance company directly and ask for specific details regarding these plans before you finalize your purchase decision.

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