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Photo of oil tank with holes -- one of the problems with underground oil tanks that Statewide  Environmental Services addresses.

Potential Issues with Underground Oil Tanks

When dealing with underground oil tanks, it is not a matter of if they will leak, but rather when they will leak. Buried oil tanks raise increasing environmental, safety, legal, and economic concerns for property owners because oil leaks underground, or even within buildings, can lead to both environmental damage and costly cleanup operations. Even oil tanks that were decommissioned in accordance with local laws have the potential to contaminate the surrounding soil. The cost to clean up contaminated soils can be very significant. As a policy, Statewide Environmental Services LLC never recommends abandoning a tank in place. Removal is the best option except on rare occasions when the tank cannot be removed due to structural integrity concerns of adjacent structures.

The Consequences of a Failing Septic System

A failing septic system can leak raw sewage outside of the drain field leading to contamination of nearby groundwater or wells. Eventually this contamination can spread to local water sources, adversely affecting the drinking water. Addressing environmental issues ssociated with a failed septic system can be extensive, dramatically affecting your business’ bottom line.

Routine Septic Maintenance

Routine maintenance of your septic system is the best way to protect yourself against a failing system. Statewide Environmental Services LLC’s septic system maintenance services include a five-point inspection to check the structural integrity of your system, regularly scheduled tank pumping and the preventive EcoHancer treatment.

Repairs vs. Replacement

Over time, even properly maintained septic systems can break down. At Statewide Environmental Services LLC, we have found that often this can be rectified by replacing the broken components rather than the entire system. We also offer drainage field restoration services to rejuvenate saturated fields. The restoration procedure utilizing the Terralift machine can be completed in one day with little or no property damage.

Photo of truck with large hose parked behind tree on residential property; Statewide Environmental Services offers septic and oil tank services to residential and commercial customers.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC has over 25 years’ experience in oil tank and septic system services and is licensed in good standing with the State of New Jersey. We are certified through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) for Tank Closure, Entire Tank Installation &  Subsurface Evaluation.

Photo of new septic system dbox and line installation on a residential property by Statewide Environmental Services LLC

Statewide Environmental Services LLC is among the NJ DEP’s registered On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Professionals; a licensed and bonded installer; a member of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA); and is National On-Site Foundation (N.O.F.) Certified.

A septic field may need replacement due to improper maintenance, damaged components, or improper installation — all of which can cause a malfunctioning condition. Field replacement may also be required if you, as property owner, want to expand the field to allow for increased capacity.

A septic field replacement normally consists of excavation of the septic field to a depth that is site-specific and determined by the engineer and local authorities. The field is excavated down to the approved depth; material and components are disposed of and relocated; and select fill, stone and new piping is then installed.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers a septic field restoration procedure for conventional septic systems, septic trench systems, septic chamber systems, pressure-dosed fields, and around seepage tanks, as a cost-effective alternative to septic field replacement. A Terralift direct-push drill is used to permeate the soil in addition to line jetting and introduction of a liquid-based bacteria stimulant to the system. This procedure comes with a three-year warranty and is performed in accordance with local permit and inspection guidelines.

State law requires that underground oil tanks no longer in use must be safeguarded or removed within 90 days of being decommissioned. If not abandoned properly, these unused tanks still have potential for causing environmental and safety issues.

All oil tank removals are done as per NJ DEP guidelines under permit.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC has developed a superb reputation for oil tank installations throughout New Jersey. We offer all sizes and configurations of oil tanks and all installations are performed to the highest industry standards. A Statewide Environmental Services LLC technician will visit your site to discuss you specific oil tank options.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC is a full-service environmental firm that can assist you with all of your site remediation needs. NJ DEP, LSRP services available.

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