Septic System Maintenance

Keeping Your Septic System In Working Order

Why Maintenance Is Important

A large number of septic system failures can be blamed on poor maintenance. A faulty system can easily lead to contamination of groundwater which, in turn, can affect your drinking water. It can also lower the value of your property, hinder its sale and pose legal liability for you as property owner. A properly maintained septic system, on the other hand, can serve you efficiently for many years.

Photo of septic field location marked by Statewide Environmental Services LLC prior to performing septic tank maintenance

The Benefits

Regular septic system maintenance can:  

  • avoid the need for septic system replacement
  • keep the holding tank from being overloaded with solids that can make their way to the absorption area (field)
  • remove scum layer and aids in rejuvenating healthy bacteria
  • when properly maintained, help prevent the spread of disease

Septic Tank Pumping

Generally speaking, your septic tank should be emptied every 2 to 3 years. The actual frequency, however, depends on the number of people using the system and how the system is used.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC uses only licensed and bonded pumpers for your septage hauling, recycling and disposal needs. Our professional service technicians use modern equipment to ensure a quality job at an affordable price. In addition to emptying your tank, our technicians provide a 5-point inspection as part of our service.

Septic Tank Inspection

Our 5-point inspection consists of:

  1. Checking the structural integrity and internal condition of your septic tank with mirrors.

  3. Monitoring, checking and observing water flow between your home and system (inlet line).

  5. Checking inlet and out

  7. Visually inspecting your septic field (weather permitting).

  9. Checking the level of the water/effluent in your tank.
Photo of truck with hose running up driveway of home; regular pumping is recommended for routine septic tank maintenance
Photo of outlet baffle filter being checked and cleared as part of septic tank maintenance by Statewide Environmental Services LLC

Our technicians are continually trained and educated, and practice safe, efficient work habits. This attention to detail can save you costly repairs in the long run by catching the small problems before they become big problems.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC also offers septic holding tank riser installations to raise septic accessibility to ground level (if needed or requested).

“Neighborhood Discounts” and “Worry-Free Maintenance Programs” are available.

Preventive Maintenance — The EcoHancer Treatment

Untreated or poorly maintained septic systems can develop severe biomat (undigested raw sewage) and grime buildup that affects the entire system — tank, lines and drain field. This accumulated sludge gradually causes performance to degrade and eventually results in drainage failure.

Septic systems that have not been properly treated, or that have had a decrease in bacterial populations caused by everyday cleaners and other common household chemicals, have a difficult time digesting and degrading the raw septic sewage that enters the tank. In troubled systems, the soil surrounding the laterals can become compacted with undigested sewage and the liquids have nowhere to go, leading to backups, wet spots and odors.

Establishing Healthy Bacterial Counts

With the EcoHancer treatments, bacteria is stimulated, guaranteeing proper growth.

EcoHancer is made from peat using a patented process. This completely organic formula provides a high-carbon food source that acts like an energy drink for the natural bacteria in your septic system, enabling them to multiply more rapidly and become more active. As a result, waste is digested at a higher rate; the native population is stronger and more resilient to bacteria killers.

EcoHancer is unlike other additives offered for septic system maintenance:

• It is not a bacteria culture or enzyme.

• It activates the native bacteria responsible for waste digestion.

• It is scientifically proven to neutralize toxins and pollutants (anti-bacterials, medications, chemicals, etc.) when combined with our restoration procedure “Terralift.”

• It improves the condition and quality of soil, leading to better field drainage.

EcoHancer Advantages

Unlike any other product on the market, EcoHancer is effective throughout each stage of the septic system, impacting the septic tank, piping, distribution box, and drain field. As a result, your system will function more efficiently and effectively. EcoHancer:

• clarifies septic tank effluent

• maximizes drain field performance

• remediates and renovates drain fields

• significantly reduces odors

• reduces maintenance costs

Statewide Environmental Services LLC is an authorized EcoHancer dealer in New Jersey. This product cannot be purchased in stores.

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