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Photo of yellow bulldozer dumping fill into white dump truck with black cab as part of Statewide Environmental Services' oil tank leak remediation service.

A leaking oil tank can wreak havoc on the environment. Oil can seep through cracks and holes in an oil tank, spreading contamination throughout your property, affecting your health and the health of your family. Proper remediation is essential to reduce the environmental impacts of a leaking oil tank.

The biggest threat of a leaking oil tank is groundwater contamination. Oil can seep into your well, making the water toxic to drink. As the oil leak continues, oil can spread throughout the area, traveling through underground water channels. Clean water is essential for your health and the safety of the community.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers comprehensive oil tank remediation. Our remediation process ensures everything possible is done to clean up the contamination. Statewide Environmental Services LLC can assist you with a remediation action plan tailored to fit your needs.

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Site Investigation

Site investigation is the first step in the remediation process and is undertaken prior to any site remediation activity. The process used can be by way of soil borings, groundwater monitor wells, or a combination of the two. This type of investigation is commonly done by a subsurface evaluator (usually a geologist or hydro-geologist) or a State-licensed LSRP.

Eliminate any anxiety by catching a leaking oil tank before it gets to disastrous proportions. Statewide Environmental Services LLC can help you protect and preserve the environment and your private property. Have confidence that the professionals at Statewide Environmental Services LLC will treat your property with respect and put your needs first.

Phase I Environmental Assessment

To give you the highest quality service, Statewide Environmental Services LLC uses Phase I Environmental Assessments. Phase I Environmental Assessment is a tool used by sellers and buyers of real estate, lending institutions, and investors to assist in making an informed decision regarding the environmental condition of a property. (The term “property” is used here in a broad sense to include commercial and industrial parcels, agricultural parcels, and, in some cases, residential properties.)

Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers you the convenience of the Phase I Environmental Assessment. Contact Statewide Environmental Services today to find out more about how you can get your customized report.

Photo of storage tank outside an industrial property; Statewide Environmental Services uses Phase I Environmental Assessments to assist all parties in real estate transactions.

As a Homeowner, Why Should You Investigate Your Home Heating Oil Tank?

Without the proper oil tank closure and cleanup documentation, potential homebuyers may be afraid to buy your property. Property buyers and the realtors that represent them are becoming increasingly aware of the problems associated with buying properties that are contaminated with heating oil. An unresolved oil tank situation can complicate and slow property transactions and may devalue your property. Even if you never used a buried heating oil tank or knew an oil tank was on site, there may still be one buried on your property for which you could be legally responsible. If the oil tank was removed at some earlier date but the associated contamination remains, an educated buyer may not be willing to purchase your property. Potential property buyers, mortgage companies, insurance companies and the State of New Jersey will require you to document that you have properly closed or removed your oil tank.

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