Soil Testing

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Testing For Contaminants

If you have a suspect area of potential contamination, Statewide Environmental Services LLC recommends soil testing the area in question. Testing your soil will confirm as to whether or not the site is contamination-free.

Photo of yellow probe used by Statewide Environmental Services technicians to test soil for contaminants.

Comprehensive Testing

Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers you comprehensive soil testing services performed by a State-licensed laboratory, giving you conclusive information regarding contamination in the area in question.


Statewide Environmental Services LLC utilizes geo-probe drilling technology for a continuous retrieval of soil samples from the surface to the total depth of the boring.

Air Rotary Drill Rig

An air rotary drill rig is one of the largest mobile drill rigs, and is used for advanced borings or groundwater wells into bedrock formations, or to drill deep wells.

Soil Testing

We test for contamination in the soil from underground storage tanks.

Water Testing

Contamination can seep into groundwater and spread more rapidly. Water testing can determine if any contamination has reached the underground water plume.

Photo of Statewide Environmental Services technician used geo-probe drilling technology to test soil for contaminants.
Photo of Statewide Environmental Services technician drilling through concrete to test soil on commercial property.
Sometimes soil testing involves drilling through concrete or pavement to reach the potentially contaminated area.

Soil Testing

Soil samples will be taken by a technician at or around the present or former oil tank location (site specific). The samples will be submitted to a state-licensed lab for analysis. We offer a full line of testing services for both soil and water. We offer direct-push and rotary drilling services.

Photo of pipes on lawn of residential property in preparation of soil testing for contaminants.

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