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Oil Tank & Septic System Services

Oil Tank Services

As a homeowner, you can have an issue with an underground oil tank and not even be aware there is one on your property. Routine home inspections done in connection with property transfers usually don’t reveal the existence of buried tanks. Unfortunately, liability for any issues caused by the tank lies with the current homeowner.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers a full range of oil tank services for residential property owners — from tank location to removal and new installs. We offer on-site evaluations for the most accurate price quotes.

Photo of orange tractor and black truck used by Statewide Environmental Services in performance of their residential oil tank and septic system services.

Septic System Services

Odors, saturated drainage fields, and system backups are all clear signs of issues with your septic system. If ignored, these issues could lead to bigger problems affecting the health of you and your family, the environment, and your property value.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers cost-effective, efficient solutions to most septic system problems. Our maintenance service can help correct issues before they get out of control, and our repair services can help you avoid a more costly septic system replacement.

Photo of underground oil tank; Statewide Environmental Services' residential environmental services includes the removal or abandonment of underground storage tanks.

The abandonment and removal of underground oil tanks is a regulated process. If not done according to State and local requirements, your ability to sell your home at a later date could be jeopardized. You’ll want to rely on an environmental company experienced and certified in oil tank services for the job. Statewide Environmental Services LLC fits that criteria.

Photo of a green children's slide in the middle of a saturated septic drainage field; Statewide Environmental Services' residential environmental services include septic field restoration.

Septic system issues can lead to serious health and environmental issues. Whether you’re looking for maintenance or repair services, or you want to expand your current system to accommodate increased capacity, you’ll want a company that gets the job done. Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers quality septic services at affordable prices.

The Advantages of Statewide Environmental Services LLC

Statewide Environmental Services LLC has a full-time staff with well-maintained, up-to-date company-owned equipment. We are able to schedule your services at your convenience and complete the job quickly and neatly.

Our technicians are State certified and we are fully-insured. All work is covered by comprehensive liability insurance, including pollution liability insurance and performed in compliance with federal, State and local regulations.

Every environmental job is treated with the utmost care for the property. We use low-ground disturbance equipment and approach each environmental site as if it were our own. 

We are the residential oil tank specialists located in New Jersey, having performed hundreds of oil tank removals, abandonments, and installations. We also offer a host of specialty services for septic systems from inspections to full installations. We specialize in septic field restoration services. “Repair, don’t replace.”

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