Oil Tank Installations

Installing A New Oil Tank

Above-ground oil tank installation - photo of black oil tank with copper piping installed in  basement of home.

Tank Installation

When it comes to oil tank installations, Statewide Environmental Services LLC has developed the reputation of being the most trusted oil tank service company in New Jersey. Homeowner fuel oil tanks can be installed in the basement or exterior of your home or underground when required. We offer all sizes and configurations of fuel tanks. A technician will visit your site and discuss all of your fuel tank options. All installations are performed to the highest industry standards. Statewide Environmental Services LLC is proud to be a certified Schutz double-walled oil tank installer, and we offer the best prices around.

Reasons For Installing A New Oil Tank

Replacing Old Tanks

Over time, oil tanks become corroded and will develop cracks or holes which leak and spread contaminants. Replacing an old tank reduces the potential of environmental impact. Installing a new tank gives you peace of mind that leaks and spills are in the past. Older oil tanks were installed underground which resulted in an environmental crisis because of soil and groundwater contamination. New oil tanks are generally installed above ground which gives you a visual aid as to the condition of your tank. 

Regardless of the reason for replacing your oil tank, replacement is a worthwhile endeavor freeing you of the stress associated with oil tanks riddled with rust and corrosion, which inevitably leads to contamination. If you are thinking about replacing your oil tank, look no further than Statewide Environmental Services LLC.

New To Oil

Installing a new oil system in your home has the potential for some great benefits. When installed and maintained correctly, oil is safer than natural gas or propane.

With proper care and installation, oil is a great alternative to use when heating your home.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC provides you with exceptional service and does everything possible to ensure a safe and proper oil tank install.

Above-ground oil tank installation - photo of gray oil tank installed above-ground in yard outside home.

Inside vs. Outside

When installing an oil tank, it is important to decide whether it will be outside or inside. Considerations for inside placement of an oil tank include spacing and accessibility for refueling. Considerations for outside placement include location of windows, air conditioning units and accessibility for fueling. When installing outside, there may be property line and zoning restrictions to be considered. 

Statewide Environmental Services LLC can help you make a decision on the most suitable location for your above-ground oil tank installation.

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