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Oil Tank Locating

Finding An Underground Oil Tank

Uncertainty regarding the potential of a possible underground storage tank on your site can be a source of stress for homeowners and potential buyers. Statewide Environmental Services LLC uses Schonstedt magnetic locators to scan your property to locate underground storage tanks or potential underground storage tanks. Put your full confidence in Statewide Environmental Services LLC to get the job done right, all while saving you time and money.

When clients are unsure of the location of a decommissioned oil tank, Statewide Environmental Services LLC sends a highly-trained technician who, using special inductive and conductive locators (sophisticated metal detectors) and probes, can identify oil tanks buried underground or underneath driveways. This will pinpoint the outline of the oil tank’s structure and identify the areas where a tank may be located.

Photo of Statewide Environmental Services technician using yellow probe to sweep lawn to locate exact position of underground oil storage tank.

The Dangers of a Hidden, Out-Of-Use Oil Tank

An out of service oil tank can be very dangerous if it has not been removed or properly decommissioned. Out-of-use oil tanks can promote a safety issue if collapsing and an environmental issue if leaking. Sometimes it is difficult to locate an underground tank. When purchasing a home, be sure to ask about any reported oil tanks and, if in existence, ensure they are/were properly decommissioned or removed. Performing a tank sweep/location on a propsective property is essential to confirm the existence of an underground storage tank.

How do I know if there was an underground oil tank on my property? What should I do?

Searching for the presence of buried oil tanks is not usually done during a pre-purchase home or building inspection unless specific arrangements have been made. Locating a potential underground oil tank is crucial when buying or selling property. Our location services include scanning of the site, a visual inspection of the stucture (inside and out) if applicable, and a permit search at the local governing authority. Knowing whether or not an underground storage tank is located on a property can significantly affect the value of the property.

Under New Jersey law (N.J.A.C. 5:23-3.14 / Building Sub code / Bulletins 88-3 and 91-4BFPC/90 F-2806.11) all fuel tanks under 2001 gallons that have been taken out of service must be safeguarded (or removed) within 90 days.

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