Septic System Inspections

Increasing the Life of Your Septic & Protecting Your Health

Inspection Service

Statewide Environmental Services LLC can perform a full New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), technically-guided inspection of your entire on-lot wastewater system. A full inspection service is offered for real estate transactions, both commercial and residential. Statewide Environmental Services LLC also offers location services for septic systems that do not have a design on file.

Photo of video camera used for septic inspections by Statewide Environmental Services LLC

Real Estate Transactions

If you are buying, selling or refinancing your home, Statewide Environmental Services LLC’s certified inspectors will inspect your septic system.

What We Look For When Performing an Inspection

Permit Search

Statewide Environmental Services LLC will perform a permit search at the governing authority. All files, permits, designs, etc., will be reviewed.

Holding Tank

The holding tank will be evacuated with a pump truck on site and visually inspected for signs of leaks, structural failures, erosion and root infiltration. Effluent levels will be checked prior to pumping. The interior of the tank will be visually inspected for any staining above the normal operating level.

Lids and Risers

Check riser lids for cracks and ensure that the lids are secure so that unauthorized access cannot be gained.


Inspect and check the integrity of the baffles and confirm that they are functioning properly.

Effluent Levels

Check for abnormal septic tank effluent levels, or past evidence of abnormal levels.

Pump Tanks

If the site is equipped with a pump tank, the tank will be checked for cracks and leaks; the pump will be checked for functionality; the foats will be checked; and the alarm will be checked (if equipped).


Check properly draining septic fields, utilizing hydraulic load testing when necessary.

Absorption Area (Drainage Field)

The absorption area (drainage field) will be located and probed to determine effluent levels. If applicable, the distribution box will be exposed and inspected. All inspection ports in the field will be checked for installation and effluent levels.

Photo of technician setting up video camera for septic inspection
Photo of drainage field on residential property marked in  preparation for septic inspection.

Video Camera and Location Services

We offer septic and sewer line inspections using a Vivax camera locator. The Vivax sewer and septic line camera can record and photograph the entire septic procedure, showing depth and distance travelled. The Vivax sewer and septic line camera is an excellent tool to locate damaged or clogged lines prior to excavation.

Maintaining Your Septic

It is recommended that your holding tank be pumped every two to three years, depending on usage and occupancy. If an effluent filter is installed, it is recommended that you clean it on a regular basis.

Cleaning regimens are site specific and must be determined by the occupants.

Never park a vehicle or install a structure on your septic system’s absorption area (field). Keep sprinkler lines a minimum of 15 feet outside of any septic components. Ensure that there are no leaking appliances (toilets, etc.). Put only biodegradable waste into the septic system. Your septic system is one of the most expensive items in your home; its lifespan can be significantly shortened if it is not properly maintained.

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