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Oil & Septic Issues Can Break the Deal

As a realtor or real estate attorney, you understand the consequences environmental issues can have on a real estate transaction; improperly abandoned oil tanks and faulty septic systems can delay or even cancel real estate transactions. Whether you represent the buyer or the seller, it would be in your best interest to guide your client to an effective, efficient solution and get the deal back on track.

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We Have Solutions

Statewide Environmental Services LLC can assist you with all your environmental needs. “We Keep the Deal Together.”

Oil Tank Services

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind is not a good strategy when it comes to oil tanks and real estate transactions. Whatever side of the transaction you are on, Statewide Environmental Services LLC can help you find fast, efficient solutions to your client’s oil tank issues. Among the oil tank services we provide are:

site remediation

oil tank abandonments

oil tank installations

oil tank removal

tank sweep to locate buried tanks

soil testing and environmental surveys

Septic System Services

Addressing a potential septic issue is better dealt with before a contract is in place. Statewide Environmental Services LLC has the field experience in repairs and full installations using state-of-the-art video recording and locating equipment. Our services include:

field restoration

hydro jetting

repair and parts replacement

Terralift aeration

video inspections

Location of underground oil storage tank marked in dirt with white paint.
Photo of equipment used by Statewide Environmental Services to inspect home septic systems.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC offers special pricing for realtors and real estate attorneys.

We welcome the opportunity to speak at your office meetings on the potential danger and expense of underground storage tanks in a real estate transaction, as well as on septic systems and their potential issues. We realize the work involved in coordinating and closing a real estate deal and are committed to working with agents to make sure their clients are completely satisfied.

Statewide Environmental Services LLC — Your Number One Choice for Environmental Services. Serving all of New Jersey.

Oil Tank & Septic Issues

Under New Jersey law (N.J.A.C. 5:23-3.14 / Building Sub Code / Bulletins 88-3 and 91-4BFPC / 90 F-2806.11) all fuel tanks under 2,001 gallons that have been taken out of service must be safeguarded (or removed) within 90 days.

Unfortunately, not all routine real estate inspections reveal buried oil tanks. These decommissioned underground tanks can show up later upon further inspection and, if not properly abandoned, can cause problems for both the property buyer and the seller, whether you are dealing with residential or commercial properties.

Likewise with faulty septic systems. Standard home inspections don’t include inspections by a professional septic contractor. Some home inspectors will do a visual-only inspection of the septic system to look for signs of discharge or damaged components. If the inspection was not done as per NJDEP guidelines, it can be incomplete and inconclusive. Statewide Environmental Services LLC would be happy to review your septic report at no charge.

At Statewide Environmental Services LLC, we have found that a vast majority of malfunctioning conditions only needed minor repairs (or pumping). As a real estate professional, having an experienced environmental contractor you can rely on can save your clients money and you the deal.

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